Web Page Design, Website Development, SEO, Melbourne Melmel devotes itself to be the best professional and reliable commercial brand!
Web Design and Development
With consideration of your business goals and aspirations, our professional team will test all possibilities to ensure the best course of action.
Social Media Promotion
Melmel devotes to be the best brand of Marketing + Event Planning in Melbourne Chinese Society
Marketing & Public Relation

Website Development

Melbourne Melmel provides professional web development service, including web design, functionality development and ongoing maintenance.

Short-term development&
long-term maintenance

Melmel provides services of web development and ongoing digital marketing solutions using the latest technology to better raise your business market share.

Latest social media promotion strategy

Melmel produces the chance for your business to engage with potential customers through latest social media such as Wechat, Weibo, Facebook, Google +, etc.

Professional SEO services

Website design and development

Melbourne Melmel is formed by a group of professional Google SEO analysts, tencent-wechat developers, website framework engineers. We give the best customized brand design, advanced network technology, comprehensive data analysis and the original promoting articles. Melmel can also provide the most cost-effective social network strategy leading to suitable development of your business made-to-case.

Professional and customized website development service

Creative and effective marketing strategy keeps your business the modernest and leading brand of the market

Well trained IT and design team uses the best practical knowledge to deliver the possible greatest result

Melbourne Melmel Website Design&Development Strategy

Understanding your brand culture, providing the most cost-effective website design and development, trying to reach your 100% satisfaction.

Social Media Marketing(SMM)

Melbourn Melmel has long experience of SMM especially in Chinese region, such as Wechat and Weibo, as well as international social network of Facebook and Google plus. In the site development stage, we will gain you access to these social network platform. In the marketing stage, you will be able to monitor the status and trend of your users by tools we provided, thus reaching a optimized marketing policy. As for users, they will be able to share their enjoyable moment to their social network to attract more potential customers to your business, enhancing the exposion of your business. 

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Melbourne Melmel has many Google engine optimization experts, specilizing in both algorithm and practice of various search engine such as Google, Baidu, Yahoo, etc. Melbourne Melmel fully understand that SEO is the very core part in digital marketing and we put much effort in promoting your website's rankings in user searching queries. In our cases of previous satisfied customers, a survey showed that 99.2% of them experienced a obvious business increase gained from customers who ge to know their business by searching engines.                                                                                                                     

Content Management System (CMS)

Melbourne Melmel  always considers how to simplify our clients' input and edit for content of websites. We build a CMS for our clients from initial development stage where allows them to edit content themselves such as text. Depending on the complexity of project, even layout and other media can be customized by our clients with little effort. Of course, in the long-period operation of the website, the technical team from Melmel will always be there to help you in any technical issues such as hostnames and server malfunction, making sure for every second, your potential customers will have brilliant experience.

Local Search Optimization

Trust in Melbourne Melmel's successful cases in attracting local target audience to our clients' business, who are the most direct targets to bring you profits.                                                                                                                                       

Maps Optimization

Melbourn Melmel understands that your potential customers are able to find your business by various navigation softwares. Google Maps or vehicle GPS, we are experts to put your business in the most easy-to-find spots.

SEO & Link Building 

SEO is the most important part to let everyone with access to Internet to get to know your business, however link building is still a good complement to SEO.


Paid Search Advertising

Melbourne Melmel have knowledge on how to most effectively use paid search advertising in various search engines. Admittedly, paid listing is still the fastest way to improve your business exposion online.                                                   

Custom Website Design

Our web designers specialize in modern and attractive web design while our web developer have expertise in optimizing performance of weisites. Combining them, we allow your business to stand out among competitors. 

Custom Email Design

After a perfect-designed website, we will assisit you in designing a well-organized and attractive email template for your business. Such professional email will further interest your potential customers.